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【意外と知らない納豆の力③ 〜大豆レシチン〜】

English and Khmer follows Japanese!

第三回目は大豆レシチンという物質をご紹介します。レシチンは記憶力や学習能力に関わるアセチルコリンという物質のもとになります。アセチルコリンは頭を使ったりストレスがたまると減少してしまいます。 高齢になるとおこりうる物忘れや認知症の原因も、このアセチルコリンの減少が原因であるといわれています。 レシチンは大豆100g中に1480mgも含まれており、これほどレシチンをとれる食品は他にありません。 記憶力を高めたい試験前などに納豆を食べると良いかもしれませんね!

【The Incredible Power of Natto ③ 〜lecithin〜】 At this time I am going to introduce soy lecithin. Lecithin become acetylcholine which affects brain's response to memory and learning. Acetylcholine decreases when you use your brain or build up stress. It is said to be the cause of forgetfulness and dementia. 100 g of soy beans contain 1480 mg of lecithin. There are no other food that you can take such a large amount of lecithin. I recommend you to eat Natto when you want to increase your memory for example before you have an exam!

ថ្ងៃនេះខ្ញុំចង់ណែនាំLecithinដែលមានឥទ្ធិពលលើខួរក្បាលយើងជាពិសេសខាងការចង់ចាំ។ ជាតិacetylcholineចុះនៅពេលដែលយើងប្រើខួរក្បាលឬមានស្ត្រេស។នេះជាមូលហេតុមួយមនុស្សចាស់ឆាប់ភ្លេចអ្វីមួយ។សណ្តែក ១០០ ក្រាមមានផ្ទុកលីកទីន ១៤៨០ មីលីក្រាម។ មិនមានអាហារផ្សេងទៀតដែលអ្នកអាចទទួលlecithin បានេទ។ខ្ញុំសូមណែនាំអ្នកឱ្យញ៉ាំណាតតូនៅពេលអ្នកចង់បង្កើនការចងចាំជាឧទាហរណ៍មុនពេលប្រឡង។

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