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神奈川県横浜市からいらっしゃった双子のようなお2人は、高校の同級生💡 ガイドブックを見て当店へお越しくださったそうです✨



日本はどんどん寒くなっていますが、カンボジアは乾季へ向け涼しくなっています。 11月〜1月頃がちょうど良い気候! カンボジア旅行なら今がベストシーズンですよ🇰🇭✨

They came from Yokohama,Chiba. They seems to be twin but just classmate! They said that Cambodian people are so kind and our staff are also friendly. We hope that their shopping in our shop become one of their good memories. While the climate in Japan is becoming cold, the temperature of Cambodia is comfortable. Now is the best season for trip in Cambodia.

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