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皆さま、こんばんは! インターンシップ生の菅谷です。

昨日は鬼 一二三先生が代表をされている、一二三日本語教室へ見学に行きました。一二三日本語教室は1995年に開校され、今も多くの生徒さんが学んでいます。そこで学んだ生徒さんは、観光ガイドや日系企業で働いたり、日本へ留学したりと多くの方が活躍しています。ティータイムのスタッフも学んだり、学んでいた方が多いため、長く縁がある日本語教室です。




皆さん、これからも頑張ってくださいね! 鬼 一二三先生 ありがとうございました!

【Tea Time staffs also learn here!〜Hifumi Japanese Class〜】 Good evening, everyone!

I went to Hifumi Japanese class that representative is Ms. Hifumi Oni. It's started 1995 and many student learn here everyday. After finished learning Japanese, students are work as tour guide, work at Japanese company and study abroad in Japan. Some Tea Time staffs also learning and learned here, so Tea Time has connection it long time.

In addition, Ms Hifumi has received the award so she is great person.

At first, I entered the school building, I saw student"s haiku and calligraphy work. These work are unique and wonderful!

I visited a beginner class. Student learned Japanese hard thrown check homework, talking. And Tea time staff Mr. Chai is also learning Japanese here.

Good luck in Japanese class, everyone! Thank you so much for Ms.Hifumi Oni.


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