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また、100%ハンドメイドのレザークラフトは、革の温もりや上質感を感じられる極上の逸品です。 大切な方へのプレゼントにおススメです✨ (shippos さんの革製品は、現在ティータイムでのみ お取り扱いさせていただいているそうです)



【Change small arms into furniture, change weapon into tableware】

Good evening, everyone!

Tea Time has been dealing in good brass products and leather products from shippos since last week.

''Cartridge'' that is symbol of weapon changed into spoon, folk, money clip, and pierce. These are create a brass so have atmosphere like an antique and romantic!

In addition, leather crafts of handmade are 100 percent, so you can feel warm of leather and good quality. so these are recommending gift for important person.(Nowadays, leather products of shippos, only deal in Tea Time.)

These products are not mass production, craftsman are making carefully and taking time for product one by one. You may find favorite product! Please you come Tea Time and see shippos product!

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